Terms and Conditions for Online Membership

By filling membership form on this website, you fully understand and agree that;

  • You are deliberately filling this form in all your senses knowing that this website is an unofficial platform.
  • You are filling your own data and know that feeding malicious or others' data without their consent is a reachable crime.
  • Your membership is not guaranteed by filling this form.
  • Your data, fed into this form, will be treated as per our data privacy policy to ensure saftey of signees data. But it can be handed over to pertinent people and offices for membership and legal purposes when needed.
  • In case of any issue, Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) will not be responsible for anything since this website is unofficial.
  • You fully agree with the manifesto and objectives of TLP.
  • You will put all your endeavours to make TLP successful to achieve its objectives
  • You'll always obey your local as well as central leadership.
  • You'll never be involved in activities against or demeaning the party.
  • Party has full authority to cancel/suspend your membership without any prior notice.